Car Multimedia Video Interfaces for Honda

Multimedia video interfaces allow you to connect various video devices such as DVD player, TV-receiver, rear view camera, navigation box etc. to your car OEM monitor. We offer video interfaces for a great variety of car brands: Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Lexus / Toyota and many other.
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ID: 818548
Universal RGB Low-End car video interface allows you to connect aftermarket navigation, rear view camera, external video sources, such as HD/DVD player, TV receiver to the OEM car monitor.
ID: 858490
Video interface allows you to connect the external navigation, camera and video devices to the OEM monitor of your car. Fits Honda Accord, Crosstour, Odyssey.
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ID: 849954
Car video interface with the built-in navigation. It also allows to connect external navigation, reverse camera, external video devices (DVD player, etc.) to the OEM car monitor. This video adapter is designed for Honda Accord as of 2013 and following model years.
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