12.1" Capacitive Touch Screen Panel for Mercedes-Benz S Class (W222)

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Short Review. 12.1 inch capacitive touch screen panel compatible with Mercedes-Benz S class (W222) OEM monitor.


12.1 inch capacitive touch screen panel compatible with Mercedes-Benz S class (W222) OEM screen. This high quality panel does not loose its optical functionality even after scratches appear on its surface. The panel offer easy and comfortable touch screen control of additionally installed video sources, such as, navigation.

The most frequently asked questions about touch screens.

12.1″ Touch Screen Panel
Technical Specifications

  • Very good visibility indoors and under direct sunlight
  • Excellent touch perception
  • Highly resistant to scratches
  • Provides clear and vivid colors
Mercedes-Benz touch screen

Note! This touch screen fits Mercedes-Benz cars, which have a separation with special control buttons in the middle of the main panel (as shown on the photo above). If your main panel does not have this separation, please use this panel instead.

12.1″ Touch Screen Panel

Brand Class Body
Mercedes-Benz S W222

12.1″ Touch Screen Panel
Package Content

  • 12.1″ touch screen panel

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