8" Resistive Touch Screen Panel (Wide)

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Short Review. 8″ wide resistive touch screen panel allows convenient touch control of your additional car navigation system.


8″ wide resistive touch screen panel is designed specifically for the displays which are originally not equipped with a touch screen. It enables touch control of additional navigation systems.
8″ wide touch screen panel is attached either directly to the display or to a plastic frame. For the touch screen panel to function properly, the visible area of the navigation system display shall not exceed the working surface of the touch screen panel.

The most frequently asked questions about touch screens.

8″ Resistive Touch Screen Panel

  • Overall surface: 188 mm × 118 mm × 1 mm
  • Working surface: 174 mm × 104 mm
  • Flexible flat cable length: 96 mm
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9

8″ Resistive Touch Screen Panel

Brand Class / Model Body Multimedia system
Honda Legend
Hyundai Azera 5G
Lexus ES300 XV60
Mercedes-Benz CL W216 NTG 3 / NTG 3.5
S W221

8″ Resistive Touch Screen Panel

8″ Resistive Touch Screen Panel
Package Content

  • 8″ resistive touch screen panel with flexible flat cable

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