Car 4 Channel Colour Quad Splitter

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Short Review. 4 channel colour quad splitter provides automated, sequential or simultaneous image display from up to four car cameras. Contains output for car DVR camera connection.


4 channel colour quad splitter provides automated, sequential or simultaneous image display from up to four car cameras (front / rear / side view). It also contains video output for car DVR camera connection. Image display can be triggered by turning on left or right blinkers (side view cameras) or reversing (rear view camera). Remote controller ensures easy switching between camera images switching and quad splitter control.

Colour Quad Splitter

  • Connection up to 4 car cameras (front / rear / right / left view)
  • Connection of 1 DVR camera
  • Displaying images from all car cameras simultaneously
  • Displaying images from cameras one by one
  • Triggering image display when right / left blinker or reverse gear are turned on
  • Colour image

Colour Quad Splitter
Application Conditions

Note! This device can work in PAL, as well as NTSC system. The quad splitter does not automatically switch between the video systems; you should do it manually using remote control. How to do it:
Turn the device on, connect IR receiver and push the following buttons set on the remote controller: PWR button -> PWR button-> UP arrow -> DOWN arrow -> LEFT arrow -> RIGHT arrow -> "S" button Select PAL or NTSC in the menu that appeared.

Also, please, pay attention that all connected cameras (devices) should work in one video system (all in PAL or all in NTSC). If video systems are combined some devices will work incorrectly: distorted or black-and-white image will be displayed.

Colour Quad Splitter
Technical Specifications

Input voltage DC 12V
Operating voltage range 10 V to 28 V
Maximum voltage 36 V
Input current Max 0.3 A (12 V)
Signal input 4 A/V sources
Video 1 V p-p 75 Ohm
Acceptable signals modes PAL / NTSC
Audio 2.0 Vrms (max)
Signal output  
Video 1 V p-p 75 Ohm
Audio 1 Vrms 0 Db 20 kOhm
Operating temperature -10°C to +60°C

Colour Quad Splitter

Colour Quad Splitter
Package Content

  • Quad splitter main module
  • Cables kit
  • Remote controller

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