Car Electronics Accessories for Mazda


Accessories for car electronics, be it touch screen panels or wireless keyboards, will make it easier and more comfortable to use various devices in the car. Using a jump starter you will be able to start a car with a dead battery, as well as charge your smartphone, tablet, camera or any other electronic device. Car trim removal tools will help you remove upholstery and car interior elements without any damage. Pick anything you need!

Jump Starter Portable Jump Starter is a small device that can be used to start a car with a dead battery, as well as charge a smartphone, a tablet, a camera or any other electronic device.
Touch screen panel Touch screen panels of different sizes for OEM monitors of BMW, Audi, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz and other cars, will allow you to control aftermarket navigation boxes with a touch screen.
Car trim removal tools Car trim removal tool kits will allow you to remove upholstery and car interior elements (radios, moldings, etc.) without damaging the body of your car.
Polyurethane Tools Car trim removal polyurethane tools, by the piece.
Stainless Steel Tools Car trim removal stainless steel tools, by the piece.
iPhone and Smartphone Accessories Car accessories for iPhone and Smartphone. Various accessories, from car docks to Mirrorlink adapters, will make using an iPhone/iPod or a Smartphone in your car much more convenient.
Controllers Controllers. USB touch screen controllers.
Power adapters Power adapters are used to connect devices that are designed for different voltages to the electrical wiring of the car.
Wireless keyboards Wireless mini keyboards can be used either at home or with car navigation boxes. They are equipped with a touch pad or a trackball.
Remote controls Remote controls for Android smart boxes, media players, HD players, PCs, TV boxes, PP TV, presentations, etc.

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ID: 850637
Universal UTA Mini Controller is designed for aftermarket navigation boxes adaptation. They also enable connected box control by OEM controls (touch screen, buttons).
ID: 818805
Universal touch screen adapter Car Solutions NAV2NAV enables connected navigation box manipulation by OEM controls (OEM monitor touch screen display, control buttons).
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