Adapter for iPhone/iPod and AUX Connection in Nissan and Infiniti

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Short Review. Adapter for iPhone/iPod and AUX gadgets to Nissan/Infiniti multimedia systems.


Adapter for iPhone/iPod and AUX gadgets to Nissan/Infiniti multimedia systems. The adapter allows to play audio content from the connected device and control it using OEM radio control buttons. The adapter allows to connect simultaneously 2 devices: iPhone/iPod and AUX.

Note! If you want to connect devices with Lightning connector (e.g., iPhone 5), you will need to buy separately 30 pin to lightning adapter.

iPod / iPhone Car Adapter

  • Audio content playback from the connected iPhone/iPod and AUX-devices
  • Possibility to connect 2 devices simultaneously 1 iPhone/iPod and 1 AUX device
  • Possibility to control connected iPhone/iPod using OEM radio buttons
  • Displaying playlist and library on the OEM car monitor

iPod / iPhone Car Adapter

  • The car should be equipped with or be able to support the Satellite Radio
  • The radio should have "SAT" button or "CH", "CHANNEL", "CAT", "CATEGORY" written on the face side. Usually they are located near Tune and Seek buttons.


Model Model years Additional conditions
From To
Maxima 2007 2008 Cars, equipped with navigation, are not compatible
Rogue 2009 HU with PY00F and CY26G are not compatible*
Sentra 2011 HU with CY13F part number is not compatible**

* This number is located in the right upper corner of the radio face.

** This number is written on the HU near the display.


Model Model Years Additional conditions
From To
2004 2007 OEM satellite radio You need to disconnect the tuner for the adapter correct work.
G35 Sedan 2007 2008 Cars, equipped with navigation, are not compatible
G37 2008 2008

Additional compatibility

  • You need to buy HDRT (sold separately) for HD Radio support
  • You need to buy ISSR11 and SCC1 tuners (sold separately) for aftermarket satellite radio support

iPod / iPhone Car Adapter

iPod / iPhone Car Adapter
Package Content

  • Adapter module
  • Cable for iPod/iPhone connection
  • Cable for connection to the head unit
  • Cable for AUX devices connection

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