Adapter for Smartphone/iPhone Connection to OEM Monitor

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Short Review. This adapter allows you to connect your Smartphone or iPod/iPhone with HDMI output to the OEM monitor of your car and mirror content of your device to the car screen.


This adapter allows you to connect your Smartphone or iPod/iPhone with HDMI output to the OEM monitor of your car. The interface converts digital video and audio from HDMI output of the connected device into analog RGB video signal and linear audio signal. Thus all content from your device, be it video file, image or navigation programs, will be displayed on the car monitor.

You will also need car video interface for connection.

HDMI-RGB Converter

Outputs CVBS (NTSC)
Analog RGB (880×480)
Inputs HDMI (for mirroring smartphone)
Analog RGB
Power 12 V
600 mA
Operation temperature -20°C ∼ 60°C

HDMI-RGB Converter


  • Devices on IOS
  • Devices on Android

Car Video Interfaces

Note! All above-mentioned video interfaces have been tested for usage with car HDMI-RGB converter. Further list of compatible video interfaces will be expanded. Follow the news!

HDMI-RGB Converter

HDMI-RGB Converter
Package Content

  • Car HDMI-RGB converter
  • Remote control unit with IR cable or OSD keypad
  • Cables set
    • RDB in
    • RGB out
    • HDMI
    • Power cable
    • 5 V power cable

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*Product package content and appearance may differ from those presented on the website and depend on video interface version. Please, ask sales manager before purchase.

Note! The video interface must be installed only by the high skilled specialists. In case the device is installed incorrectly the car electronics can be damaged or go out of order.
We are not liable for damage or incorrect operation of the equipment in the case of improper installation.

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