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Have you ever had troubles with dead car batteries? If you are a car owner then the answer to this question is almost certainly "Yes". This can be only a minor nuisance if you are running late for work because you couldn't start your car in the morning. However, it can also become a really serious issue when you are stuck in the middle of a cold and snowy road with a car that won't start.

A portable jump starter was designed specifically to solve this problem. While being just slightly bigger than a typical big screen smartphone, this device has a capacity to start almost any car with a dead battery.

Simply connect the clamps to the terminals of your battery (they are supplied with the Jump Starter), wait for about half a minute, turn on the ignition and, Voilà!, your car is up and running again. Moreover, this device will surprise you with a bunch of cool additional features, like charging your phone or laptop, or a built-in flashlight.

We tested different Jump Starter models on different cars and in different weather conditions to see for ourselves what they can do. Want to see what happened? Check out the videos below!

Starting a Car with a Dead Battery Using Jump Starter T7

Starting a Car with a Dead Battery Using Jump Starter T7 in Winter

Starting a Car with a Dead Battery Using Jump Starter D28 in Winter

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