Cable for Navigation Box Connection to Alpine Multimedia Systems (AP-RGB1)

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Short Review. Additional cable AP-RGB1 for navigation box connection to Alpine multimedia receiver with touch screen display.


Additional cable AP-RGB1 for navigation box connection to Alpine multimedia system with touch screen display. It allows you to transmit image (RGB) and sound (stereo) from the navigation box to AV receiver and control navigation system via touch screen display.

Alpine Cable for Navigation Box

Alpine Multimedia Receivers:

  • IVA-D100R/RB
  • IVA-D105R
  • IVA-D106R
  • IVA-D300R/RB
  • IVA-D310R/RB
  • IVA-D511R/RB
  • IVA-D900
  • IVA-W200Ri
  • IVA-W202R
  • IVA-W205R
  • IVA-W502R
  • IVA-W505R
  • IVA-W520R
  • iXA-W404R
  • iXA-W407BT
  • TME-M580 (Monitor)
  • TME-M740BT (Monitor)
  • TME-M770 (Monitor)
  • TME-M860 (Monitor)

Navigation Boxes

  • CS9100
  • CS9200
  • CS9900
  • CS9320
  • WP9100R (RV)
  • WP9100 Scale
  • WP9200
  • Element F1
  • Element F10
  • Element F15
  • Phantom SPT-100
  • Phantom SPT-200
  • NAVIBOX (Outsourcing)

Alpine Cable for Navigation Box
Installation Guide

You need to activate corresponding protocol before navigation box connection to Alpine multimedia system. To do this, power navigation box and connect it to TV set or any other video signal receiver using composite video output. Then configure box using the remote controller:

CS9100 navigation box configuration

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