Car Audio Interfaces and AUX Adapters

Car audio interfaces allow you to connect audio devices, such as MP3 players, iPod, etc. to your car OEM multimedia system. We offer audio adapters for Audi, Lexus, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz and other car brands.

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ID: 868193
Car AUX adapter allows you to connect external audio sources to OEM stereo system via Bluetooth.
ID: 834859
Adapter for iPhone/iPod and AUX gadgets to Nissan/Infiniti multimedia systems.
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ID: 821152
Car AUX adapter allows you to connect external audio sources, e.g. MP3 player, to OEM stereo system. Audio interface is compatible with Nissan Almera / Primera of 1999-2003 model years with Blaupunkt head unit.
ID: 833735
Car iPod adapter allows you to listen music from iPod via your Lexus stereo systems. The device also provides iPod charging and control via head unit buttons. iPod adapter has two AUX audio inputs.
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Weight: 0.44 kg

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ID: 833736
Car AUX adapter for Toyota allows you to connect external audio devices, e.g. MP3 player, to car OEM stereo. Car audio interface fits Toyota cars equipped with head unit without monitor.
Weight: 0.37 kg