Audio Interfaces and iPod/USB Adapters for Toyota


You've got a splendid car with OEM multimedia system. However, you want to listen to music from iPod/iPhone or USB stick via the car speakers or make Bleutooth hands-free calls and browse the phonebook on the OEM monitor, don't you?

Then our car audio interfaces and Dension iPod / USB adapters are exactly what you need.

iPod adapters Dension Gateway Car iPod /USB/Bluetooth adapters Dension Gateway allow you to connect iPod / iPhone, MP3 player and USB flash drive to your car multimedia system and control them by original radio buttons. Learn how to choose the compatible adapter.
Dension Gateway accessories Various Dension accessories will make iPod/iPhone or cell phone usage in the car much more comfortable.
Audio interfaces and AUX adapters Car audio interfaces will help you to connect audio devices to your OEM radio.

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ID: 836940
Dension Gateway Lite BT is used for iPod/iPhone, Smartphone, USB and AUX devices integration in cars with non-text support head units. Fits Toyota/Lexus cars with 12 pin connectors head unit.
ID: 832555
Dension Gateway Lite GWL3TO1 is a simple to use interface for both iPod and USB integration in cars with non-text support head units. Fits Toyota/Lexus cars with 12 pin connectors head units.
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ID: 814741
Dension Gateway 300 GW33TO3 adapter allows you to connect iPod, iPhone and USB storage devices to car multimedia system. Fits Toyota Aygo / Peugeot 107 / Citroën C1 non-text capable head units.
ID: 813266
The CDR2T01 Dension CD Changer Retention Kit allows full functionality retaining of your Toyota original CD Changer/Radio as well as music playback from your iPod and auxiliary audio sources via Dension Gateway 100 or 300
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ID: 833736
Car AUX adapter for Toyota allows you to connect external audio devices, e.g. MP3 player, to car OEM stereo. Car audio interface fits Toyota cars equipped with head unit without monitor.
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