Car Camera Control Box

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Short Review. Car camera control box for rear view, front view and internal view car cameras control.


Car camera control box allows you to connect and control 3 car cameras (rear view, front view cameras and also internal view camera or DVD device). Picture from DVD device (or internal view camera) is displayed by default, however, when reversing rear view camera is automatically activated. Remote control button allows you to compulsively display picture from front view camera or rear view camera without shifting to reverse gear. The picture disappears in 10 or 15 seconds (according to the set parameter). You can also select between settings for automatic and manual transmission.

Car Camera Control Box
Outstanding Features

  • Support of three video inputs (for front, rear and internal view cameras)
  • Ability to connect DVD device
  • Automatic display of the picture from rear view camera when reversing
  • Manual activation of front / rear view camera picture with the aid of remote control button
  • Mode selection for automatic and manual transmission
  • Selection of picture display time (10 or 15 seconds)
  • Display of picture from DVD device or internal view camera by default

Car Camera Control Box

Model VD04-C
Current consumption max 60mA
Power supply 10V – 30V
Voltage output 12V
Video out impedance 75 Ohm
Storage temperature -30°C to +85°C
Operating temperature -20°C to +70°C
Operating humidity 85% RH

Car Camera Control Box
Package Content

  • Car Camera Control Box
  • Front view camera cable
  • Rear view camera cable
  • Internal view camera cable
  • Video out cable
  • Power cable
  • Remote control button for rear/front view cameras activation
  • User manual

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