Car iPod/MP3 FM Transmitter Dension Ice>Link One (ILF6CR91) with 5G Active Cradle

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Short Review. Dension ice>Link One iPod FM transmitter is a universal solution to connect iPod or MP3 player to any car! Is supplied together with 5G active cradle.


Dension ice>Link One FM transmitter is a universal solution to connect iPod or MP3 player to any car! This Dension car iPod and Mp3 adapter transforms the audio signal into a standard stereo FM radio signal and makes the sound available through the car FM receiver. The iPod's battery will be charged when it is connected to the Dension iPod FM transmitter and the car radio is switched on. When the radio switches off, the iPod playing will be paused, and after 2-5 minutes it will be switched off automatically.

Dension Car iPod FM Transmitter

  • Listen to music from your iPod / MP3 via car radio.
  • iPod charging while operation.
  • Works in virtually any car with FM radio.
  • Automatic on/off detection.
  • Additional Aux input source.
  • Seven user-selectable FM frequencies.
  • Reusable after change of vehicle or head unit.

Dension Car iPod FM Transmitter

  • iPhone up to 3G
  • iPod Nano 1G / 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G *

* Additional inserts IP51AD1/IP51AD2/IP51AD3/IP51AD4/IP51AD5 needed.

Dension Car iPod FM Transmitter
Technical Specifications

Dimensions, mm 104 × 30 × 25
Power supply, V DC 9–16
Active current, mA < 20
Standby current, mA < 1
Operating temperature, °C -10 to +50
Storage temperature,°C -30 to +80
FM channels, MHz 87.7 – 87.9 – 88.1 – 88.3 –
88.5 – 88.7 – 88.9
Frequency response, Hz 30 – 15,000 +/- 1 dB
Channel separation, dB > 27
Signal/noise ratio, dB > 50

Dension Car iPod FM Transmitter

Dension Car iPod FM Transmitter
Package Content

  • Dension Ice>Link One FM transmitter ILF6CR91
  • 5G active cradle
    • 3 mm distance adapter
    • 3.8 mm distance adapter
    • Rubber anti slip pads
    • Mounting pack
  • Connection cables

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