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Car Trim and Panel Removal Tools Kit (17 pcs.)

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Short Review. Professional kit consisting of 17 plastic and stainless steel tools in the plastic case for fast and convenient trim panel and car interior elements removal and car tuning.


Professional kit consisting of 17 tools for fast and convenient trim panel and car interior elements removal (dashboard items, radios, door cards, moldings, etc) and car tuning. Polyurethane tools allow you to dismantle upholstery and plastic panels without scratching or damaging painted, leather, chrome-plated and other surfaces. The kit also includes stainless steel tools for large items dismantle.

Trim and Radio Removal Tools
Package Content

  • Stainless steel tool with pry bars for grommets and clips removal × 1 pcs.
  • Polyurethane levers for plastic panels dismantle (various sizes) × 2 pcs.
  • Keys and tools for car radios, climate control modules removal × 7 sets

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