Dension DAB-U Digital Radio Receiver with USB

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Short Review. Dension DAB+U digital radio receiver allows you to receive digital boradcast in your car or at home. Can also be used as a USB drive for storage and playback of mp3 files.


Digital radio receiver from Dension allows you to listen to high quality digital radio both in your car or at home/office. The device can also be used as a USB flash drive to store and playback mp3 files.

Digital Radio Receiver from Dension

  • Playback of audio files (mp3 format) both in a car or at home
  • DAB, DAB+ and DMB-R standards are supported
  • DAB stations are displayed as virtual mp3 files, making it easy and convenient to use the device
  • Charging through a USB port
  • Possibility to connect a SMB antenna
  • Can be fully integrated in the car interior
  • Automatic buffer size assessment (ABSA)
Digital audio broadcasting standards

Digital Radio Receiver from Dension

Digital Radio Receiver from Dension
Package Content

  • Dension DAB-U digital radio receiver
  • Power cable for antenna (2-pin micro)
  • USB A-A (Male-to-Male) connector

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