Front and Rear View Camera Connection Adapter for Peugeot with NAC System

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Short Review. Connect front and rear view camera to the OEM monitor of Peugeot 308, 3008, 408, 5008 equipped with NAC system. Equipped with adaptive parking guidelines function.


The adapter is designed to connect a front view and a rear view camera in Peugeot 308, 3008, 408, 5008 cars with NAC system. This device offers fast and easy Plug&Play connection without any risks of damaging OEM wiring or voiding car warranty.

The adapter also has adaptive parking guidelines function (PAS).

How It Works

Image from the rear view camera is displayed automatically on the screen when switching to reverse. When switching to Drive or Parking, image from the front view camera will be displayed on the screen for 10 seconds. Changing this time is not possible.

Main Features

  • Input for connecting a rear view camera
  • Input for connecting a front view camera
  • Built-in adaptive parking lines function (PAS)
  • Fast and easy Plug&Play connection without risks of voiding car warranty
  • Automatic display of rear/front view camera image
  • Rear view camera image activation via CAN or trigger wire


Model Model years Multimedia system
From To
308 2018 NAC

Peugeot 3008 monitor Peugeot 408 head unit

The photo is provided for reference only. Appearance of the control panel and monitor may slightly differ depending on the car model.


Package Contents

  • Camera connection adapter
  • Connection cables

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