Garadget Garage Door Controller (Australian Plug)

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Short Review. Garadget allows you to control your garage door using an iPhone or a smartphone, as well as sends notifications and reminders about the status of the door.


Garadget is an extremely convenient and easy to use device that will allow you to control your garage doors anywhere and at any time using your smartphone. It also sends messages about the status of the garage door and even warns you if you have left home or went to bed in the evening and forgotten to close it.

Simply connect the wires of the device to the existing garage door opener, attach the reflective tag (which comes in the package content) to the door and answer several questions in the mobile app in order to set everything up. No need for intricate wiring or complex router setup!

Garadget is compatible with devices that use iOS8+ or Android 4.x+ operating systems.

Other versions:

Garage Door Controller

Garage Door Controller
Technical Specifications

Processor STM32F205 120 MHz ARM Cortex M3
RAM 128 KB
Memory 1 MB flash + 1 MB SPI Flash
Wi-Fi chip Broadcom BCM43362 
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
Laser 5 mW 650 nm
Connector types I2C bus or 2 x GPIO


Garage Door Controller

Garage Door Controller
Package Content

  • Garadget controller × 1
  • USB power adapter × 1
  • Micro-USB cable × 1
  • Reflective tags × 2
  • Adhesive pads × 2
  • Connection cable
  • Screw driver × 1
  • QR code for iPhone and Android apps download

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