Navigation System for Mazda Based on CS9100RV

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Navigation system for MAzda based on CS9100RV with two video inputs. Emulates built-in navigation and allows connection of additional video sources (e.g. rear view camera).
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Navigation system for Mazda based on CS9100RV is a navigation box to be connected to the car OEM navigation system or additional monitor. It is equipped with external GPS receiver with antenna. CS9100RV navigation box may be installed into Mazda CX7 and Mazda CX9*cars with OEM color display. CS9100RV navigation box is installed into the car via interface adapter instead of the OEM navigation. As a result, the user enjoys full emulation of OEM navigation with the required interface language and maps of the region of interest. CS9100RV supports touchscreen navigation function. For models that do not have touch screens, a remote control with touchpad is used.

Navigation system for Mazda based on CS9100RV is equipped with two video inputs (video only, no sound can be connected) which can be switched via control units connected to the device. Use one video input to connect multimedia devices such as DVD, TV, DVB-T tuner and another one to connect rear view camera with automatic image display while reversing. Navigation box video inputs automatically detect video signal type (PAL\NTSC).

Navigation system for Mazda based on CS9100RV supports software from Navitel, IGo2006, IGo8, Garmin etc. In case a new version of the navigation program is released, it can be easily updated as the navigation device is installed into the specially provided place with direct access to SD card.

* CS9100RV navigation box installation in Mazda cars does not cause wiring damage (it is performed without wire cutting off) and allows user to keep the car warranty valid.
* Warning: As a result of OEM navigation system disabling in Mazda CX7 and Mazda CX9 time will not be shown in the menu.

Navigation System for Mazda based on CS9100RV
Technical Specifications

  • CPU: Samsung 2440 ARM9 400 MHz
  • OS\Language\Localization: WIN CE 5.0\Eng\Rus(Eng)
  • Memory: Nand 64 MB, SDRAM 64 MB
  • Memory card: MMC, miniSD, SD, SDHD up to 16 GB (SDHC depends on the manufacturer)
  • Video Out:
    • RGB 400 × 234 (depends on the firmware version)
    • RGB 480 × 234 (depends on the firmware version)
  • 2 Video Inputs:
    • 1 × TS 3.5 mm socket
    • Green connector for rear view camera connection
    • Yellow connector for additional video sources connection (such as DVD player, TV tuner and others) and display on the built-in screen (resolution: 320 × 240)
  • Audio Out:
    • 1 x RCA stereo 0,25 W
    • 1 x mono jack 3.5 mm (for the speaker)
  • USB Host: 1 x Type A (for external devices)
  • USB Device: 1 x Mini USB (deactivated)
  • Control:
    • 1 x Remote control with a touch pad
    • Touch screen (via USB controller or cable for multimedia receiver) *1
    • Onboard control devices (adapter for Mazda) *2
  • GPS:
    • MTK MT3329T
    • Channels: 66
    • Frequency: L1 1575.42 MHz
    • Sensitivity -165 dB
    • Reacquisition: 1 s
    • Protocol: NMEA0183 V3.01: GPGGA (1 time/1 s), GPGSA (1 time/5 s), GPGSV (1 time /5 s), GPRMC (1 time /1 s), GPVTG (1 time/1s), (additionally GLL or MTK NMEA Command)
    • Hot\Warm\Cold start: < 1\28\30 s
    • Antenna: SMA active (cable length 5m)
  • Power supply: 10~30 V DC
  • Main board dimensions: 160 mm × 110 mm × 26 mm
  • Weight: 1.130 kg

*1 USB controller and cables for multimedia receivers are not included in the package.
*2 Adapter for Mazda is sold only in the package of navigation system based on CS9100RV.

Navigation System for Mazda based on CS9100RV
Additional Features

Connection to AV receivers

By means of additional cables: C-NET, PA-AVI, PA-RGB1, PA-RGB2, JVC-TC1, PI-RGB1, AP-RGB1, KEN-RGB1, Audiovox, Elead, Fujitsu Ten user can connect the CS9100RV navigation box to AV receivers (Clarion, Panasonic, Pioneer, Alpine, Kenwood, Audiovox, Elead or Fujitsu Ten with built-in touch screen) to enjoy touchpad navigation control and watch images.

Internet connection (optional)

Connect Huawei 3G USB GPS Modem to CS9100RV navigation box to access wireless Internet.

Navigation Software Installation Tips*

  • Default way for navigation software installation on memory card: Navi\Navi.exe
  • Navigation software settings:
    • GPS receiver COM port: COM1
    • GPS receiver rate: 9600
    • Video output resolution: 480×234

Navigation System for Mazda based on CS9100RV
Package Content

  • CS9100RV navigation box
  • Remote control unit
  • GPS antenna
  • External speaker
  • 2 GB SD memory card
  • Cable set
  • Interface adapter for Mazda CX7 and Mazda CX9

* Navigation programs are not included in the package.

Note! Navigation unit and navigation software installation shall be performed by well-trained specialist. Otherwise, we are not liable for equipment damage or incorrect operation.

Product specifications, appearance and package content may differ from those presented on the website and can be changed without notice. Please, contact sales manager before purchase.
Note! Car Solutions is not liable for device incorrect operation in case of unauthorised OS upgrade. If you have problems with navigation box original OS operation, describe your situation on our forum, and our technical specialists will provide the solution.
All rights reserved. This material from web site may not be published, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without authorship indicated and backlinks provided.
Navigation Box is compatible with the following models of Cars
  • Mazda CX-7
  • Mazda CX-9
Processor frequency
  • 400 MHz
Operation System
  • Win CE 5.0
RAM size
  • 64 MB
GPS Receiver
  • MTK MT3329T
ROM size
  • 64 MB
USB Ports
  • 1
Wi-Fi Connection
  • No
Bluetooth Connection
  • No
AV inputs
  • Yes
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