News 19.06.2012

Accessories for CS9200/CS9200RV Navigation Boxes

Last week we presented new CS9200RV navigation box. Today we offer accessories that provide Internet access to the box, namely: USB 3G modem and Wi-Fi adapter.

3G USB Modem for CS9200/CS9200RV Navigation Boxes

3G USB modem is designed for operation with CS9200 / CS9200RV navigation boxes. However, there is a pleasant bonus – slot for microSD memory cards so you can use it not only as modem but also as data storage.

USB Wi-Fi Adapter for CS9200/CS9200RV Navigation Box

USB Wi-Fi adapter for CS9200 navigation box provides wireless connection to Internet spot.

You can find other devices to be used with CS9200/CS9200RV in navigation boxes accessories section.

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