News 10.04.2019

All You Need for Smartphone Connection – in One Kit!

No more wasting time picking the right components for that smartphone connection upgrade that you've been dreaming of. Our kits have all you need!

All You Need for Smartphone Connection – in One Kit!

Smartphone screen mirroring is a classic way of using your smartphone in a car. How do you add this function to your head unit? Easy, just use our all-in-one kits!

Our special kits include everything you need to add the mirroring function to your car: an adapter and a Plug&Play connection cable. You will have all of your smartphone functions on the car monitor. Navigation, apps, music, videos, Internet browsing – you name it. Still not enough to convince you? How about the fact that if you choose one of our kits – you will also save on your purchase.

An upgrade that saves both time and money? That's an offer you simply can't pass on!

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