News 10.05.2012

CS9100 Navigation Box Installation in Audi Q3 2011

Our technical specialists together with Audi dealers experts verified car video interface for Audi MMI 3G compatibility with Audi Q3 2011 OEM monitor.

Before CS9100 navigation box installation After CS9100 navigation box installation
Audi Q3 monitor before CS9100 navigation box installation Audi Q3 monitor after CS9100 navigation box installation

Now on pressing Navi button the client can enjoy full functioning navigation with touch screen control on OEM monitor. And no more "Navigation is not available" messages!

During installation we used:

Car Video Interface for Audi MMI 3G with External Touch Screen Support (2009-2012 years) CS9100 Car Navigation Box (for OEM Car Monitors)
Car video interface for Audi MMI 3G CS9100 navigation box (for OEM monitors)
6.5 Touch Screen Panel USB Touch Screen Controller
6,5" touch screen panel USB touch screen controller

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