News 29.01.2019

Grab a Multimedia Upgrade for Your Car!

Install a video interface in your car and be surprised by what your multimedia system is capable of!

Grab a Multimedia Upgrade for Your Car!

Everyone wants to have cool features on their car monitor, right? The answer is just two words away: video interface.

Video interface is an essential part of any car upgrade. You can connect a reliable navigation system, a front and rear view camera for easy parking, a TV or Android box for more entertaining travels and a whole bunch of other gadgets. By the end of the day you will be astonished by the amount of cool things your multimedia system can do.

We have a huge variety of video interfaces used in all sorts of car models. For your convenience, we have placed them in this extremely handy and easy-to-use selection wizard. Pick a device that fits your car and prepare to be amazed!

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