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New Videos on Youtube Channel

Dear Clients!

Check out our new videos on the Car Solutions YouTube channel. Our technical specialists did their best to make these videos helpful for choosing and installing the equipment that you need.

Feel free to post your comments under the videos. If you want us to shoot a video about some specific product, please contact us via e-mail and we will try to help you with your request.


Portable Jump Starters: Say "No!" to Dead Batteries

Our technical specialist reviews the portable Jump Starter T7 and demonstrates how to use it to start a car with a dead battery.

Testing the portable Jump Starter T7 in real-world winter conditions with temperatures below -20°C
(-4 °F).

Want to Connect Camera and Video in Your Car?

How to connect video devices (DVD, Android Smart TV boxes) in Toyota cars with Touch 2 and Entune head units using just one cable.

How to connect video devices (DVD, Android Smart TV boxes) and cameras in various Toyota, Subaru and Scion cars with just one cable.

No More Getting Lost While Traveling

Let's connect a navigation system and a rear view camera in Mercedes-Benz ML using a video interface.

Let's connect the CS9500 navigation box to Infiniti FX35 of 2009 model year and check how does it work.

There are more interesting videos on our channel.

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