News 13.02.2019

Q-ROI 3 Universal Navigation Box on Android is Finally Here!

Navigation with tons of features – what else could you ask for?!

Q-ROI 3 Universal Navigation Box on Android is Finally Here!

Getting lost while traveling to an unfamiliar place (or even in your home town, come on, it happened to all of us) is really irritating and can take too much of your time. That's why you need a handy assistant – a navigation box!

The latest addition to our stock, Q-ROI 3 navigation box, will help you find the best route within seconds. The device will display the route on your car monitor with information about traffic and hints on how to get to your destination as quickly & comfortably as possible.

Besides helping you navigate, Q-ROI 3 will also entertain you while you are traveling. A powerful Android 6 platform can do wonders, allowing you to watch videos, listen to music, use any app from Google Play and safely browse the Internet. Basically, it will transform your multimedia system into a personal computer that you can access even while you are in the car.

Grab the awesome Q-ROI 3 and prepare to be amazed!

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