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Universal OEM Resistive Touch Screen Switch Board (RTC)

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Short Review. This device allows to control aftermarket equipment with resistive OEM touch screens.


This device is used to control aftermarket equipment, such as navigation boxes, controllers, video interfaces etc. with 4, 8, and 16-pin resistive OEM touch screens.

Both constant and pulse +12 V / GND signals may be used as control signals. The switch board can work either in pulse or in constant signal mode.

Attention! Never use GND(-) of connected devices, bodies of OEM devices or any other metal parts of the car to connect the power of the switch board. This can cause a potential difference effect, which has bad impact on both OEM and aftermarket equipment. Always take plus and minus from the same source.

Touch Screen Switch Board

Touch Screen Switch Board
Package Content

  • Main switch board
  • Cables to connect power and controls
  • Switch board to connect to 4-pin flat cables with 1 mm step or 8-pin flat cables with 0.5 mm step
  • Switch board to connect to 8-pin flat cables with 1 mm step or 16-pin flat cables with 0.5 mm step
  • Cable to connect the switch board to a touch screen controller
  • Cable to connect the switch board to a navigation block or a video interface
  • 4-pin flat cable – 1 pc
  • 8-pin flat cable – 2 pc

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