Video Cable for Toyota Touch, Scion Bespoke Monitors

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Cable for video sources and rear view camera connection in Toyota with Touch system, Scion with Bespoke system without using a video interface.
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This cable allows you to arrange audio and video input in Toyota with Touch system, Scion with Bespoke system without using a video interface. After the cable connection "AV input" icon is automatically activated in the monitor and video in motion is enabled using the additional 28 pin cable. As a result you receive fully functional AV input with possibility to connect composite video signal PAL\NTSC and also linear stereo signal.

Thus you will be able to connect the video device, e.g. DVD player, Android box or TV receiver to the OEM monitor without using the video interface.

You will also enjoy the possibility to connect rear view camera using the cable for video in motion. If you already have the OEM camera, it will continue working the same way as before.

All OEM functions of the monitor will work in the same way as before.

The most frequently asked questions about camera and video connection cables.

Toyota / Scion Video Cable

  • Video devices connection
  • rear view camera connection
  • Enabling video in motion*
  • PAL/NTSC support
*Note! We do not recommend using this function while driving.

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Toyota / Scion Video Cable


Model Model Years System / Monitor Additional compatibility conditions
From To
Auris 2010 2014 Touch
Touch&Go Plus
28 pin and 16 pin
socket on the monitor
for cables connection
Auris Hybrid 2010 2014
Avensis 2011 2014
Camry 2011 2014
Camry Hybrid 2011 2014
Corolla 2011 2013
Fortuner 2011 2014
GT86 2012 2015
Highlander 2012 2014
Highlander Hybrid 2012 2014
Hilux 2011 2014
Matrix 2011 2014
Prius 2011 2014
Prius C 2012 2014
Prius MPV+ 2012 2014
Prius Plug-in Hybrid 2012 2014
RAV4 2010 2014
Tacoma 2012 2014
Venza 2013 2014
Verso 2009 2014
Verso S 2010 2014
Yaris 2011 2014
Yaris Hybrid 2012 2014


Model Model years System/Monitor Additional compatibility conditions
From To
FR-S 2013 2015 Bespoke 28 pin and 16 pin
socket on the monitor
for cables connection
iQ 2013 2015
xB 2013 2015
xD 2013 2015
tC 2013 2015

Toyota / Scion Video Cable

To adjust the video system of the input video signal or switch the picture mode (4:3, 16:9), refer to the user manual of your monitor.

In case you connect the rear view camera, the camera should be powered from the ACC, i.e. the camera should work constantly but not only when the rear gear is on.

Note! After this cable connection the OEM microphone of OEM BT-Hands-Free will work the same way as before (if it has been installed). if there is no OEM microphone in your car, you will need the AV cable with microphone. Please, contact the manager to purchase that cable (or leave the comments in the order).

Toyota / Scion Video Cable

  • AV cable
  • Cable for camera connection
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Cable for OEM Head Unit is compatible with Head Units
  • Bespoke
  • Touch
  • Touch&Go
  • Touch&Go Plus
  • Video cable
  • Camera connection
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