Video in Motion Adapter for Volkswagen

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Short Review. TV in Motion adapter is designed for unlocking image display from OEM video devices while car is in motion. Device is compatible with VW with RNS 510 and VW Phaeton.


Car TV in motion adapter is designed to unlock image display from OEM video devices while car is in motion. Adapter allows watching video from original DVD player, TV tuner, DVB-T tuner, video signal from OEM AV input on the built-in car monitor when the car is in motion and not only when the handbrake is pulled up.

This TV free adapter is designed for VW models with RNS510 system.

Video in Motion Adapter for VW

  • VW Phaeton
  • Volkswagen cars equipped with RNS 510 system

Video in Motion Adapter for VW
Package Content

  • TV Free adapter main module
  • Connection cables

Note! In some countries watching video when the vehicle is in motion is forbidden. Therefore, TV/Video in Motion interface installation and usage shall be performed on the user's responsibility.

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