Video Interface for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep (MyGig)

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Short Review. Car video interface for connection of additional video and navigation devices to the OEM monitor of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep cars equipped with MYGIG head unit.

Car video interface serves for connection of additional video and navigation devices, for example, navigation box, reverse camera, DVD or HD player, to the OEM monitor. This devices is designed for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep cars equipped with MYGIG head unit.

Video Interface for Chrysler
Technical Specifications

  • Navigation control on the OEM touch screen
  • Camera connection with automatic image display during reversing
  • Inputs
    • AV IN × 2
    • RGB
    • Camera
  • DIP switch
  • Main box dimensions
    • 159 mm × 93 mm × 24 mm (without mountings and connectors)
    • 184 mm × 115 mm × 24 mm (with mountings and connectors)

Video Interface for Chrysler

MYGIG  monitor compatible with car video interface

MYGIG monitor compatible with the car video interface


Model Model years Head unit
From To
200(S) 2010 2011 MyGIG
300C Touring 2008 2010
Sebring 2007 2010
Sebring Convertible 2008 2010
Town & Country 2008 2013


Model Model years Head unit
From To
Avenger 2008 2011 MyGIG
Caliber 2010 2010
Challenger 2008 2011
Circuit EV 2009 2009
Dakota 2008 2008
Durango 2011 2011
Grand Caravan 2008 2011
Magnum 2008 2008
Ram 2009 2011


Model Model years Head unit
From To
Cherokee 2008 2008 MyGIG
Grand Cherokee 2008 2013
Patriot 2008 2011
Wrangler 2009 2013
Compass 2011 2013
Liberty 2012 2013


Identification of the compatibility judging only by appearance of the monitor cannot be always accurate. The monitors which look alike may have different equipment inside. To identify the compatibility for sure do the following:

  • Remove the top cover of the monitor
  • Eject the CD reader
  • Compare the inner content with the photo below, pay particular attention to the marked FFC
  • If your board differs, most likely this video interface will be compatible.
PCB photo

If you still have doubts in compatibility, send the photos of the general appearance and the mainboard of your monitor to our technical support specialists Write your question and also the model and model year of your car.

Video Interface for Chrysler

Video Interface for Chrysler
Package Content

  • Video interface module
  • Sub-board
  • Connection cables set
Yuliya Bodriyenko

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*Product package content and appearance may differ from those presented on the website and depend on video interface version. Please, ask sales manager before purchase.

Note! The video interface must be installed only by the high skilled specialists. In case the device is installed incorrectly the car electronics can be damaged or go out of order.
We are not liable for damage or incorrect operation of the equipment in the case of improper installation.

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