Video Interface for Jeep Cherokee, Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango

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Short Review. Allows connection of additional video sources, such as, a rear view camera or a navigation system. Supported head units: Uconnect 8.4AN/RA4.


Car video interface allows you to connect additional video devices, such as navigation boxes or rear view cameras to the OEM car monitor. This adapter fits Jeep and Dodge cars with Uconnect 8.4AN/RA4 system.

The most frequently asked questions about video interfaces.

Video Interface for Jeep
Main Features

  • Automatic display of the image from the rear view or front view camera (depends on the gear)
  • Switch between connected devices using OEM buttons

Video Interface for Jeep
Technical Specifications

  • Inputs
    • RGB input for navigation × 1
    • AV × 3
    • CVBS × 1 (for rear view camera)
    • LCD × 1
  • Outputs
    • LCD output
    • CVBS ×2
    • Linear audio output
  • Mode switching
    • OEM button through CAN bus (only if CAN wiring is connected)
    • possible to switch between AV sources with DIP S/W
    • with remote control or mode switch button
  • General
    • Output voltage: 8 V DC ~ 18 V DC
    • Maximum consumed power: 4 W
  • Dimensions
    • 125 mm × 105 mm × 21 mm

Video Interface for Jeep

Brand Model Model years System
From To
Dodge Durango 2014 Uconnect 8.4AN/RA4
Jeep Cherokee 2015
Grand Cherokee

Dodge head unit

The photo is provided for reference only. Appearance of the control panel and monitor may slightly differ depending on the car model.

Video Interface for Jeep

Video Interface for Jeep
Package Content

  • Video interface
  • Sub-board
  • Remote control
  • Cable set:
    • Power cable
    • LVDS cable
    • A/V cable
    • FPC cable – 2 pc.
    • RGB cable
    • TOUCH OUT cable
    • REAR cable
    • IR cable
    • Cable with mode switch button

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Note! The video interface must be installed only by the high skilled specialists. In case the device is installed incorrectly the car electronics can be damaged or go out of order.
We are not liable for damage or incorrect operation of the equipment in the case of improper installation.

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