Intelligent Parking Assist System

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Short Review. Intelligent parking assist system generates backward parking trajectory and integrates it into car rear view camera image.


Parking assist system is designed to ensure safe and comfortable backwards parking in combination with car rear view camera and build-in car monitor (not included in the package).

The device works by reading CAN bus data from automotive electronic stability control system (magnitude of the steering wheel rotation, speed and lateral acceleration) and thus generates backward parking trajectory and integrates it into car rear view camera image.

Intelligent parking assist system fits most cars with ESC systems.*

Intelligent parking assist parking guide lines

Parking Assist System

  • Plug & Play connection via OBD-II port
  • Directly reads steering wheel data from the original car computer
  • Shows precise and reliable parking guidelines
  • Integrates parking trajectory into car rear view camera image
  • Fitted with general AV input and AV output
  • Compatible with all rear view cameras, DVD navigation and other display screens
  • Able to adjust length, distance and angle of dynamic track, position lines and safety bottom lines (to fit different positions of rear cameras)
  • Requires OBD CAN bus and electronic stability control system (ESC) to function properly

Parking Assist System
Technical Specifications

Dimensions (L × W × H) 97 mm × 85 mm × 23 mm
Rated voltage 12 V DC
Rated current 300 mA
Max output voltage 12 V
Working temperature from -30°C to -85°C
Video input/output composite RCA terminal
Video standard PAL / NTSC

Parking Assist System

Intelligent parking assist system is compatible with vehicles equipped with automotive electronic stability control system. Different car makers may have different names for control system (i.e. ESP, ESC, VSC/ VSA etc.)

* Note! We do not guarantee that IPAS will fit all vehicles with ESC system. Therefore, before purchasing this device check whether it is compatible with your car.

  • See parking assist system car compatibility list (for reference only)
  • Note! Our technical specialists have found out that parking assist sytem works incorrectly with the following cars:

    • Skoda A5 2011
    • Mitsubishi 2011
      • Lancer
      • Pajero Sport
      • Asx
      • Pajero Wagon
    • Volkswagen Touareg 2011 (made for USA market)
    • Subaru 2011
      • Outback
      • Legacy

    Parking Assist System

    Parking Assist System
    Package Content

    • Parking assistant system module
    • Wire harness
    • Velcro sticker
    • User manual

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