This section provides answers to questions most frequently asked by Car Solutions website users. In case these answers will be insufficient for you do not hesitate to contact us via email sales@car-solutions.com or sales chat.

  • Is it safe to buy at Car Solutions online store?

    Here are a couple of reasons why you should be confident while purchasing at Car Solutions online store:

    • 10 years of successful experience in car electronics online retail business.
    • A large number of loyal customers who trust our experience, knowledge and professionalism.
    • Our specialist will help you to make the right choice and provide technical support on the purchased products.
    • All our products are thoroughly tested and packed before sending.
    • We provide warranty on the products purchased in our online store. More on warranty terms.
  • How can I place an order?

    It's easy to place an order in our online store:

    1. Register in our online store (in case it's your first purchase).
    2. Log in using login and password sent to your email.
    3. Make purchases in our online store. If you want to buy any item just click "Add to Cart" button.
    4. You can view selected products in your Shopping cart. These product will remain in the cart while you are viewing other products and also if you leave the site or close the browser. You can change the quantity of selected goods or remove items.
    5. Delivery address confirmation. There can be more than one delivery address in your account. During checkout you can use already registered delivery address or create a new one.
    6. Choose Delivery company from the offered list. More on shipment terms.
    7. Choose Payment method. Choose one of the offered payment systems. Please, take into account that you cannot combine several methods in one payment. More on payment methods.
    8. Order confirmation. As soon as you submit the order we will send you confirmation email with all necessary information about your order including payment details. Please, provide your actual email address during registering.
  • How can I pay for order in Car Solutions online store?

    If you want to buy any item click "Add to Cart" button. Fill in shipping info and choose delivery company. After that you will see the list of offered payment systems and description of each payment method including possible additional fees. More on payment methods.

  • Do you deliver orders to my country?

    Car Solutions online store can deliver purchased products to any country. In order to see which delivery companies are available for your country add the selected product to your cart and provide delivery address.

    Amount of imported goods is limited in some countries for private individuals and companies. The client is fully responsible and liable for complying with his/her country laws. Please, check with your local customs or local government website to see if importing requires any special license in your country.

  • What is the shipping cost?

    Total delivery cost is calculated automatically according to the total weight of ordered products, stock from which goods will be shipped, and also delivery company you've chosen.
    Delivery cost depends on the carrier rates which are subject to change without notice.

    We send products after you pay total order value, including delivery cost and payment fees. Shipping cost are not refundable except cases of misdelivery.

  • What should I do if the product is not in stock?

    In case the product you are intersted in is not in stock but is not discontinued, you can add it to the wating lost by pressing the "Notify when in stock" button. As soon as one of the listed products appear in stock, the e-mail notification will be sent.
    You can specify the last date you will wait for each of the selected products. In case the product arrives in stock after the specified date the notification will not be sent.

  • Do you provide warranty on sold products?

    Car Solutions online store provides the following warranty period for sold products:

    • 12 months for Dension TM products;
    • 3 months for car cameras;
    • 6 months for other equipment.

    However, to make it clear, please, ask the manager about warranty availability and period before purchasing the item. The warranty covers only product hardware. Cables and accessories are not subject to warranty coverage. The warranty period starts when the consignee receives the order no matter whether it is end user of reseller.

    You can return the product you bought within 7 days from the purchase date, provided that it is not damaged, seals are not broken, it includes original package and complete set of accessories. Goods which are damaged, show signs of installation, with scratches, chips or with incomplete package content are not accepted. These conditions refer to all items included in the package.

    Payments are refunded only on company management decision. If you claim a refund, please, wait for our written confirmation prior to sending the purchased product back. Refund is based on the product price excluding delivery costs. This means that client pays for the product delivery by him/herself.

    Warranty Maintenance

    If you received defected product or found out faults in operation (within warranty period), we will repair it or provide replacement within 14 days if such product is available in stock. In case the product cannot be repaired and is not in stock, reclamation will be sent to manufacturer (replacement period can be changed). In such case we can also refund money or transfer funds to your Car Solutions account for purchasing other goods in our online store.

    In case of warranty repair or product replacement the client should provide product in the original package with all accessories, manuals, documentation it has been shipped with and invoice.

    We can refuse in warranty maintenance in the following cases:

    • There are no warranty seals or they are broken;
    • Warranty period has expired;
    • Products were used in abnormal operation conditions;
    • Changes or amendments were made;
    • Product was misused;
    • Unauthorized OS and firmware change or upgrade was performed;
    • Product was damaged (including mechanical, thermal, electrical and other damages);
    • Original package is missing.

    The warranty also does not cover accidents (fire, alien objects or liquids effect, electrostatic discharge, incorrect voltage or electric polarity application, and also other third party effects).

    More on warranty terms.

  • What should I do if my product is not working?

    If your product is out of order or not functioning properly you should do the following:

    1. Please, contact us for support via phone or e-mail.
    2. Provide detailed description of the problem and product serial number (if it's available). If the purchased device was connected to the head unit also provide the photos of the head unit (front side and from the side of the connectors).
    3. In case the problem cannot be solved remotely you need to send the product under warranty to our Hong Kong office. Please, pay attention that our company does not cover delivery cost.
      Before sending be sure that:
      • warranty seals are not broken;
      • product is packed in the original package and all accessories and manuals are available;
      • you have provided a warranty certificate.

    The company is not responsible or liable for product faults after warranty period expiration. However, you can always apply to us for any technical support. Also if your product has gone out of order after warranty period expiration we can repair it at your cost (including shipping and fixing fees).

  • Damaged and lost packages return policy.

    Our company is not responsible or liable for damaged packages or those shipped back to us in the event that the designated courier service failed to deliver your package(s) to the given destination address after several attempts (due to your absence).

    If the customer receives a parcel with damaged items, s/he should do the following:

    1. report the damage to the delivery company and make photos of damaged items/parcel;
    2. make a claim against the delivery company for the damaged items/parcel for the same amount as declared in the invoice;
    3. refuse to pay delivery cost;
    4. request delivery company to send back and resend the goods free of charge.

    Please, take into consideration that seller's responsibility ceases when the product has been shipped off to the address specified by the customer. Our warranty does not cover risks of product(s) damage or loss within the responsibility of delivery company. Therefore, please check the parcel right upon receipt and compare the content with the packing list in the presence of the courier. Our company is not responsible or liable for any faults discovered after you have accepted the parcel.

    Lost packages

    If your package is lost by the delivery company, you should claim against them directly. However, take into consideration that they will compensate for the lost products only within the amount at risk indicated in the invoice according to your request. The shipping expenses for damaged equipment delivery both ways to and from the customer's site are not covered by the warranty, except for the situations, when the customer receives dead on arrival product with "Tested" sticker.

  • How can I check and track my order?

    You can track your order status on your account page in "My orders" section. We will also send you email if your order status is changed.

  • Do you provide technical support?

    We provide technical support and equipment installation guides (if available). You can apply to technical support specialists via online chat or e-mail: support@car-solutions.com.
    Technical support working schedule: Mon-Fri, 9 am - 6 pm (GMT+2).

    If you do not have installation skills and experience we strongly recommend to have the purchased device installed by high-skilled specialist.
    If you didn't get answers to your questions, please, describe your issue on our forum.

  • The product I've ordered is out of stock. What should I do?

    If you order product which is only one left in stock but do not pay for it immediately and at the same time someone orders the same product and sends us payment confirmation before you do, this product will be sent to this client and not to you. In order to avoid such situations please send us payment confirmation or contact manager after you paid for the order.
    If you are not going to pay for the order immediately, however, you definitely want to buy it, ask manager to reserve it for you. Reserve is valid for only 4 days.

    In case you paid for goods which are already out of stock we will transfer your payment amount to your Car Solutions account. You will be able to use these funds while paying for your next order. Please, inform us of such situation during your next order.

  • I placed the order a few days ago but it has not been sent yet. Why and what should I do?

    Please, contact our manager in sales chat or by phone on the number indicated at the website.

  • Do you send orders on the weekend?

    No, we work from Monday to Friday and pack all orders only on weekdays. If you place an order on the weekend, we will process it on Monday.

  • I missed the parcel or can't receive it. What should I do?

    Our warranty does not cover risks of product(s) damage or loss within the responsibility of delivery company. If your package is lost by the delivery company, you should claim against them directly.

We are always ready to discuss any issues with our clients to develop long-term winning relations.

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