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Are your children bored on the rear seat? Do you want navigation displayed on an in-dash monitor but you don't have one? Or maybe you need to entertain your passengers during long bus trips? Car monitors can be an excellent solution for all these challenges. Let's get a closer look at them.

Car in-dash monitors Headrest monitors Armrest monitors Flip down monitors

For most motorists a car monitor means a display embedded in the central console. Well, let's talk about them first.

In-Dash Car Monitors

In-dash car monitors are usually installed on the central console. If you think that only drivers without displays in their cars are willing to install car monitors you're definitely wrong. The OEM monitor may have poor multimedia functions making it necessary to buy either a car video interface to expand them or a new monitor. However, most often car monitors are purchased by those who miss them in their beloved car. You can connect a navigation box, rear view camera, DVD player or TV receiver, to the aftermarket monitor without additional adapters and this allows you to personalize your in-car entertainment system.

Car in-dash monitors, as a rule, are designed for special car brands and models, e.g. Volvo, Subaru, Peugeot, Mercedes-Benz. However, universal car monitors are also available in our product range.

Car LCD monitor for Subaru Legacy / Outback Car TFT LCD monitor for Peugeot 307 Car touch screen monitor
Monitor for Subaru Legacy / Outback Monitor for Peugeot 307 Universal car monitor

According to the installation type in-dash monitors can be classified as flush mounted displays, pop-up and motorized sliding monitors.

Car touch screen monitor for Land Rover Freelander 2 Car TFT LCD touch screen monitor for Volvo C30/S40/V50/C70 Car touch screen monitor for Volvo New S80 / V70 / XC70
Monitor for
Land Rover Freelander 2
Pop-up monitor for
Volvo C30/S40/V50/C70
Motorized monitor for
Volvo New S80 / V70 / XC70

In-dash car monitors are designed mainly for drivers and front seat passengers, so what about other fellow travellers, especially children? Any parent would say that both the speed and comfort of a family's journey depend primarily on the children. We offer a solution.

Headrest Monitors

Headrest monitors are an ideal solution for rear seat passengers entertainment. Judge for yourself, headrest monitors can be selected to match the upholstery so it does not spoil the car interior. Secondly, most headrest monitors are already equipped with an embedded DVD player and USB port so additional expenses are avoided. We also sell headrest monitors packaged with game discs and joysticks (you will definitely appreciate this when your children play peacefully instead of distracting the driver). Thirdly, installation is simple and does not require stripping half of the car down. You can connect the headrest monitor yourself using one of many online guides, but we suggest that a specialist hook it up for you. We also recommend buying infrared wireless headphones, so that the passengers wouldn't disturb each other and the driver while watching films or playing games.

We've got headrests with monitors designed for specific car models as well as universal ones. The headrests come in a wide variety of colours, materials and textures, which allow you to find the perfect match for your vehicle's interior. We should also mention that some monitors have touch screen displays which simplifies the use of multimedia functions.

Headrest monitor for Toyota RAV4 Headrest with touch screen monitor and DVD player Headrest with touch screen monitor and DVD player
Headrest monitor for
Toyota RAV4
Headrest with 7″ monitor
and DVD player
Touch screen headrest monitor
with DVD player

Still what can we do if there are no suitable headrest monitors or if one can't afford two headrests? Of course, we've got a solution (we are Car Solutions, aren't we? ☺).

Armrest Monitors

Such monitors are fixed on the central armrest and adjustable mountings enable them to fit practically any car. Just attach the monitor to the armrest, adjust the display to a comfortable position, connect power cable to the cigarette lighter receptacle or directly to the car's electrical system and voila – your passengers are watching films or playing games.

Armrest DVD monitor Armrest DVD monitor
8.5″ armrest monitor with DVD player

As in the case of headrest monitors, IR headphones will make your journey much more peaceful. When you're not using the armrest monitor, you can fold it away to save space.

Armrest DVD monitor Armrest DVD monitor

However, what's to be done if you have a seven-seater minivan, micro bus or even a coach for 40 passengers?
Again we've got a solution – flip-down monitors.

To be continued ☺.

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