Front View and Rear View Camera Connection Kit for Audi A3

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The kit includes a camera connection adapter, a rear view and a front view camera for Audi A3.
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Installing a front and a rear view camera is the best way to make any car safer and more comfortable.

A front view camera allows you to see everything that's happening near your car. Every detail that might not be visible from the driver's seat will be shown on the monitor of your multimedia system. Such camera will protect your car from damages and will help you park even in the most difficult places.

Rear view camera provides a high quality image with a wide viewing angle. Such camera, combined with active parking guidelines function (PAS), will become an irreplaceable parking assistant for any driver.

The front view camera is installed into the car emblem while the rear view camera is installed in the tailgate handle. Both cameras are installed in OEM places, designed by the manufacturer, and so they do not spoil car appearance.

Picking the right components for installation can prove to be a difficult task. Therefore, we have included everything you need in this kit: camera connection adapter for Audi A3, a front view camera and a rear view camera. All you need to do is install the adapter and connect the cameras.


This adapter is designed for connecting rear view cameras to the OEM monitor of Audi cars. The adapter also has active parking guidelines function.

Technical Specifications

  • Inputs:
    • Analog RGB input for navigation systems
    • CVBS for rear view camera
    • CVBS for front view camera
    • LVDS
  • Outputs:
    • LCD output
  • Power:
    • Input power: 8 V DC ~ 24 V DC
    • Max. power consumption: 12 Watt
  • Dimensions: 116 mm × 83 mm × 21 mm
  • Input mode switching
    • DIP switches
    • With an OEM button via CAN


Parking guidelines

Front View Camera


  • High-quality image
  • Shock protection design
  • Waterproof case
  • High or low temperature resistant
  • Easy installation

Technical Specifications

Sensor 1/3“ PC1089N
Video system NTSC
Viewing angle 170°
Pixel size 6.35×7.4 µm
Minimum illumination 0.1 LUX
Dimensions 39×45 mm

Rear View Camera

Technical Specifications

Image sensor CMOS Camera power pinout
Video system NTSC
Resolution 480 TV lines
Minimum illumination 0.3 lux
Lens angle 170°


Parking coordinate yes
Working voltage from 10V to 15V (12V in car)
Working temperature from -20°C to +70°C
Waterproof grade IP IP67 and IP68
Image mirror
Dimensions 110 mm × 49 mm × 39 mm

Note! This camera is not meant for constant connection to car's electrical system. Power supply should be organized in such way that the camera switches on only when it is necessary (e.g. when reversing). We also recommend using voltage converter 12 V to 7 V.

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Camera Connection Kit is compatible with the following models of Cars
  • Audi

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