MMB CarPlay AI Box Android 9.0

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MMB CarPlay AI Box Android 9.0
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Allows to use Android in cars with OEM units with already activated Apple CarPlay feature. Read more
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Allows to use Android in cars with OEM units with already activated Apple CarPlay feature.
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Apple CarPlay is fresh and cool, especially after the latest iOS updates allowing you to use numerous third party applications. However, users want to play video content online or using USB drives, and have all the Android applications from Google Play Market.

Simply connecting this Android emulator to the USB input of your multimedia system that supports Apple CarPlay, you`ll get everything described above and even more. This device is equiped with BT-GPS receiver just in case you want to install the specific navigation software restricted by Apple CarPlay limitations.

Also, you can connect a USB drive to the Android emulator. That`s how you`ll be able to spend your time watching videos, for example, while waiting for your wife. Audio will be broadcast automatically for the whole audio system in a good quality without additional AUX input connection.

Youtube video
Youtube video


  • Enables Android features
  • Allows you to use Play Market applications
  • Equiped with USB input
  • LED lights indicating the device status
  • Supports YouTube and Netflix applications
  • Ensures high resolution, same as original image quality

LED light indicators

Boot Blue light flashing every 0.5 seconds
Working Blue light is on constantly
Upgrading Red light flashing every 0.5 seconds
System Error Red light is on constantly


Item Specification
CPU AllWinner H6, Quad-Core Cortex-A53 @ 1.8GHz
GPU MaliT720
Display Factory radio display
External I/O Port USB
Bluetooth module DDBT010_B
WiFi module IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
GPS module HD1010 (GPS+BDS)
Ports 1. LED light
2. Type-C connector
3. USB connector
4. BOOT button


System Android 9.0
Support screen resolution 800*480, 1280*720, 1920*1080 (Auto-Detect)
Connection protocol Factory car USB port
Touch knob control Supports left and right rotation, toggle knob logic up and down, left and right, quick operation protocol
Steering wheel control Supports audio playback, switch up and down track control, adjust volume, and controls OSD operation. Controls CP box to carplay voice logic
UI Built-in multiple UI themes; supports customization
Functions installed Wi-Fi, Settings, Bluetooth, Google Maps, Offline Maps, USB Drive for media, Screen Casting, File Explorer, Google Assistant, YouTube, Google Play Store (any apps available in Google Play Store)
Other apps The third-party application does not support the factory car knob control. After entering the application, it supports analog mouse (hovering ball) for application control

Main Functions

Function Details
Network Wi-Fi Connect the CarPlay box to Wi-Fi hotspot
1. If the vehicle has touch screen, hotspot connection will appear on the screen. Then enter Wi-Fi password to connect.
2. If the vehicle is non-youch screen, you need to set the hotspot password to 12345678 first, then connect CarPlay box to the hotspot, it will connect automatically.
Input Google input
Media USB drive Supports mp4, MKV, RMVb, AVI format
Supports WAV, AAC, WMA, AMR, MP3, FLAC audio format
Cast screen (Android) Supports wireless mirroring of iPhone / mainstream Android phones
Screen mirroring (iOS) Supports iOS YouTube cast screen and Android / iOS mobile devices
APP Install applications
Settings General Clear cache
Language Default English
Version upgrade via USB
Reset Can be restored to the factory system
Factory mode Controllable application icon: Google Play (user installed software can be deleted)
Bluetooth Bluetooth phone Make/Answer calls
Bluetooth music Music
Other APPs Note: Factory knob is not supported by all the software.
Google Maps Supported
Google Play Store Supported
YouTube Supported
Browser Supported
Voice Control Supported

Working Parameters

Working current DC 5V 1A±0.3A
Operating Voltage DC 5V
Audio output Original car radio output
Working / storage temperature Normal working temperature: -20°C~+70°C
Max working temperature: -30°C~+85°C


Package Content:

  • Android emulator
  • USB Type C cable
  • BT-GPS-receiver
  • Power cable for BT-GPS receiver
  • GPS antenna
  • User guide
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Carplay AI Box is compatible with
  • All brands
Youtube video

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