Car Wireless IR Headphones Already in Stock!


We are glad to inform that new accessories for car multimedia systems, namely wireless IR headphones and IR transmitter for them are already available for purchase.

Car Wireless IR Headphones

If your car is equipped with in-dash,flip down, headrest or armrest monitor, it means that long trips pass quickly and easily. However, sometimes happens so that passengers want to watch completely different films or you need to entertain child at the rear seat so that it does not disturb others in the car. In such cases headphones, namely wireless IR headphones, would help you (after all you do not want to mess around with wires, do you? ☺).

Car wireless IR headphones

Dual channel wireless IR headphones perfectly suit for usage with car multimedia systems. They allow your passengers to listen to music and watch video from car monitors not disturbing anyone in the car.
Dual channel system of sound reception is neccessary in order to avoid signals overlapping in case of listening to audio tracks from two different sources. It means that the passengers would be able to simultaneously watch video and listen to the music from two different multimedia sources. You just need to switch the channels on the headphones (carrier frequency: source A: 2.8 / 2.3 MHz, source B: 3.8 / 3.2 MHz). Number of car wireless headphones used for one audio source is limited only by amount of seats in your car ☺.
You can also adjust volume in car wireless IR headphones. Due to their compact foldable design car wireless headphones can be easily stored in the glove box or seat back pockets.

Car wireless IR headphones

However, do not worry if your multimedia device is not equipped with infrared port. Purchase dual channel IR transmitter for wireless headphones and the problem is solved. This compact infrared transmitter can transmit signals simultaneously from two different audio sources and, therefore, it perfectly suits car dual channel wireless IR headphones.

Car IR transmitter for wireleass headphones

Learn more detailed information about car wireless IR headphones on the product page.

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