Dension Gateway Lite Adapters Already Available for Purchase!


Dear Customers!

Dension Audio Systems company have just released new Dension Gateway Lite 3 adapter and it is already available for purchase in our Car Solutions online store! New Dension Gateway Lite adapters were created to ensure easy selection of right adapter for users.

Dension Gateway Lite is a simple to use interface for iPod / iPhone and USB devices integration in cars with non-text support head units. It allows music playback from digital sources (iPod/ iPhone, Smartphone, USB-storage devices), these devices charging and basic control by car multimedia system buttons.

New Dension Gateway Lite adapters are supplied with longer cable harness which ensure easy access to device in glovebox. Also these car adapters provide 1A charging by default so no additional costs will be spent on power boosters for iPhone 4 / 4S usage.

Dension Gateway Lite adapters available for the moment for purchase in Car Solutions online store:

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