Dension Gateway Pro BT - New firmware!


New firmware for Dension Pro BT iPod/iPhone/USB adapters is out!

Dension Gateway Pro BT iPod/USB/Bluetooth adaptersDension Gateway Pro BT iPod/USB/Bluetooth adapters

The Gateway Pro BT has come to a new level through the latest firmware update. To make the operation of Gateway Pro BT even better we recommend to upgrade all devices with the new firmware that has the following improvements:

General improvements:

  • Improved BT audio playback (i.e.: A2DP streaming). Next track button will now force playback if it did not start automatically (phone dependent).
  • Some rare cases the DAB+G device was not recognized properly upon startup - FIXED.
  • Display order of contacts (First, Last / Last, First) was sometimes not working properly - FIXED.
VW CAN BAP (V21) specific improvement:
  • Smart search option now available on the RCD-510 in the phone menu: you can now search in alphabetical order.

Audi (AC1/AC2) and BMW specific improvement:

  • In some cases during the phone call the volume could not be changed using the steering wheel or radio - FIXED.

Peugeot/Citroën (PC1) specific improvement:

  • Existing contacts were not appearing with their name, but as "Unknown caller" - FIXED.

Dension Gateway Pro BT Firmware Download:

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