New Firmware for Dension Pro BT


New firmware for Dension Pro BT iPod/iPhone/USB adapters is out!

Dension Gateway Pro BT iPod/USB/Bluetooth adaptersDension Gateway Pro BT iPod/USB/Bluetooth adapters

The new firmware features support of Polish, Czech, Slovak and Russian languages. Bluetooth audio quality has also been improved.

Dension Pro BT Firmware Update Procedure:

  • Extract Gxxx_UPD.rom file from the update package, copy the file to the USB flash drive (there should be at least one mp3 file on the USB flash drive).
  • Turn the ignition on.
  • Plug USB flash drive to the adapter. (In case an iPod is connected, disconnect it before plugging the USB flash drive).
  • Firmware update process will start automatically in a few seconds. The process takes up to 3 minutes. The adapter will restart several times during the process. Don't turn the ignition off during the firmware update process!
  • You may need to select the adapter at the HU again after the process finishes.
  • After the firmware update the Gxxx_UPD.rom file will be deleted from the USB flash drive and substituted by GW_EES.BIN with new software version.

Firmwares for Dension Pro BT:

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