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Andromeda Navigation Box on Android (for OEM Monitors))

A brand new Andromeda car navigation box is already available for purchase!

The navigator works on Android 4.0.4 platform with possibility to upgrade it to the new version. This allows you to expand navigation and multimedia functions of the box by downloading the necessary programs, applications and widgets.

The navigation box also offers the following additional features:

  • Connection to Internet (via 3G modem)
  • Connection via Wi-Fi (using USB Wi-Fi adapter)
  • Connection of up to 4 additional USB devices (via USB hub)
  • Connection of HDD of any size with NTFS file system support (via USB)
  • Playback of audio and video files without converting
  • Possibility to update firmware via SD card
  • Compact size (you can easily install it in the glove box)

You will also enjoy powerful 1 GHz processor, 4 GB internal memory (2 GB available) and 1 GB RAM. The clients would be glad to know that 3G modem, Wi-Fi adapter and USB hub are already included to the package.

For the time being we offer Andromeda navigation box for 7″ OEM monitors with 800 × 480 resolution. However, we plan to expand the compatibility soon.

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