Video Interfaces with Navigation for Honda and Renault


Today we present video interfaces for Honda Accord and various Renault models of 2014 and following model years.

Video Interface with Navigation for Renault Video Interface with Navigation for Honda Accord 2014

Build-in navigation is the key outstanding feature of these video adapters. It means that you don't need to buy and connect the external navigation box. Moreover, you can connect additional video devices and rear view camera to the OEm monitor of your car.

General Technical Specifications of the Video Interfaces

  • Embedded navigation
    • OS WIN CE 6.0
    • GPS receiver SiRF Atlas V
    • 64 channels
    • Sensitivity -161 dB
    • GPS maps resolution 800×480
  • RGB input for external navigation connection
  • AV inputs (2) for external video sources connection
  • Input for the reverse camera connection
  • USB port
  • SD slot

Video interface for Renault is compatible with the models, equipped with monitors with SD slot on the side panel. It also fits Dacia cars.

Please, note that bothe devices are available on pre-order only!


Interface for Honda! Interface for Renault!
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