PIC Controller for CS9100 Navigation Box

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Short Review. This PIC controller is meant for CS9100 car navigation box firmware upgrade to latest 47th version.


PIC controller is designed for CS9100 car navigation box firmware upgrade. If you are connecting navigation box to new multimedia receiver and it fails to display image from the box or transmit control commands from OEM touch screen to navigation box, you should replace PIC controller on navigation box. With the new PIC controller you will get fresh 47th firmware version with new protocols support and correction of ones already supported by your navigation box.

CS9100 Navigation Box Firmware

You can learn your navigation box firmware version in "About" tab.

CS9100 Navigation Box Firmware

PIC Controller
List of Control Protocols Supported by 47th Firmware Version

  • Panasonic
  • Alpine
  • Pioneer
  • Kenwood ~2009
    (this protocol is set by default)
  • Kenwood 2010~
  • JVC ~2011
  • Cardio
  • Elead
  • DV-621
  • Caska 1606S (Phantom head unit)
  • Caska K130 (Phantom head unit)
  • ARS
  • OWA
  • Data Touch (if OS is supported)
  • DV-FF2
  • AVT
  • AudioVox
  • Clarion
  • LandRover (Rhoson LCD)
  • Subaru (Rhoson LCD)
  • Autonet
  • HQ-1
  • Autopro
  • Passion
  • AutoSound
  • VST
  • AutoMedia
  • Skypine
  • 4-pin Touch (if OS is supported)
  • EL825
  • USB Touch (if OS is supported)
  • CT-6288
  • Alpine (Toyota - OEM Part PT545-00111)
  • Sony 2009∼

Note! All above-mentioned protocols are supported only with certain operation system (OS) installed! You can download the newest factory operation system without custom additions of Car Solutions company.

PIC Controller
Supported Navigation Boxes

  • CS9100 (RV)
  • WP9100R (RV)
  • Element F1
  • Phantom SPT-100
  • WEG-160

Note! PIC controller replacement (dismantling and soldering) shall be done only by qualified specialist. Car Solutions company is not liable for board damage due to incorrect PIC controller replacement.

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