Rear View Camera for Volkswagen Golf, Jetta, Tiguan, Passat

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Short Review. Tailgate rear view camera for Volkswagen. 105° viewing angle.


Rear view camera in waterproof case, specifically designed for Volkswagen cars with RNS315, RNS510, RCD510 Delphi, RCD810, RNS810 head units (26pin connector).
Rear view camera is one of the best parking assistance devices that provides a wide field of view and colorful image.

Note! Rear view camera input activation procedure has to be performed prior to the camera connection.

Note! Diagnostics equipment is necessary for the activation procedure.

Note! Make sure your car radio has a video input before purchasing the camera.

Rear View Camera for Volkswagen

  • Colorful image
  • High image resolution
  • Waterproof case
  • Resistant to temperature changes
  • Simple installation
  • Parking guidelines

Rear View Camera for Volkswagen
Technical Specifications

Sensor MT9V136
Video system NTSC
Resolution 480 TV lines
View angle 105°
Minimum illumination 0.1 lux
Case Waterproof
(IP68 rated)
Operating voltage 8 ∼ 12 V
Operating temperature from -40°C to +70°C
Dimensions 115 mm × 48 mm
RGB cable length 6 m

Rear View Camera for Volkswagen

Model Model years System
From To
EOS 2011 2014 RNS315
RCD510 Delphi
Golf VI
Passat CC

Installed camera Video input


Rear View Camera for Volkswagen

Note! You need to have your monitor programmed on the dealer computer, namely to have the rear view camera function activated. Otherwise, the adapter and connected camera will not work. to do this contact your local dealer or follow the manual below. Please, note that it should be done by a well-trained specialist.

Rear View Camera for Volkswagen
Package Content

  • Rear view camera
  • Connection cable
  • RGB cable

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