Video Review of Mirroring Adapter for Smartphone, iPhone, iPad


We offer you a video review of Mirroring adapters for iOS and Android devices connection to the car multimedia system. We used various devices in the review. These were: famous LG smartphone, almost unknown Chinese Sigma smartphone, and even iPad. We picked these gadgets to show you that this adapter can be easily used with a large number of devices.

Youtube video

Let us remind you that with Mirroring adapter you will:

  • Connect iPhone/iPod/iPad, Android smartphones and tablets to car or regular monitor
  • Mirror screen of the connected device to display navigation, menu, applications, etc. on the connected monitor
  • Stream video and audio to the connected monitor and speakers
  • Charge smartphone

We offer 3 kinds of adapters depending on the connection type:

Connection via RCA cable directly to the monitor Connection via RGBs and video interface to the OEM monitor Connection via special cable to Pioneer multimedia receivers

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