4 Channel Car DVR with GPS Smarty BX4000

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4 Channel Car DVR with GPS Smarty BX4000
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BX 4000 car DVR allows connecting 4 cameras. The package contains remote GPS module, external microphone, remote control and 4 GB memory card. Read more
USD 260.00
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USD 260.00
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Car DVR Smarty BX 4000 allows to connect 4 car cameras: 1 reverse camera and 3 front, side or internal view cameras. The device starts recording when the power is on or G sensor is activated. You can also start recording by pushing emergency button on the remote control. The car DVR is equipped with A/V output for image display on the car monitor.
External GPS module allows to record specific position data, vehicle speed and save them along with the video data. Three-axis G sensor reacts to sharp movements of the car, such as slow-down, acceleration, etc.

You can connect any cameras to Smarty BX 4000, but we also offer cameras designed specifically for this device: DTR-100, STR-100, STR-100IR.

Smarty BX 4000 Car DVR

  • Connection of 4 cameras
  • A/V input for connection to car monitor
  • Possibility to choose different recording types for different channels (e.g., camera 1 – event-triggered record, camera 2 – ordinary record)
  • Remote GPS module
  • Possibility to watch the route using Google Maps
  • G sensor
  • Built-in microphone. You can also use the remote microphone.
  • LED status indication
  • Sound status indication
  • Last file saving when the power turns off
  • Remote control unit
  • Light and firm case

Data Control

  • Open and view the recorded files
  • Search files (data, recording reason)
  • Adjust the device and program
  • Save shots as separate images in jpg format
  • Convert video to AVI format

Smarty BX 4000 Car DVR
Technical Specifications

Audio/video Video inputs 3 inputs for cameras
1 input for reverse camera
Audio input Input for external microphone
Outputs A/V output
Recording Record modes Continuous
By event
By emergency button
Recording type From 2 to 356 hours (14 days 20 hours)
Record quality NTSC 720 × 480 (30 f/s)
720 × 240 (60 f/s)
PAL 720 × 576 (25 f/s)
720 × 288 (50 f/s)
Compression MPEG4 (continuous record)
MJPEG (event record)
Data hold External memory 4 GB SDHC card
(support of up to 32 GB cards)
GPS External GPS module
G sensor Three-axis Sharp movements
LED indication Blue Power on / continuous
Red Rewriting
Blue blinking Event record
Sound indication Event record / system crash
General Module dimension 99 mm × 70 mm × 21 mm
Module weight 100 g
Power 12 V - 24 V
Operation temperature From -10°C to +50°C

Smarty BX 4000 Car DVR

Smarty BX 4000 Car DVR
Package Content

  • Smarty BX4000 car DVR
  • Remote GPS module
  • Remote microphone
  • Remote control
  • Cables set
    • A/V cable
    • Power cable
    • Cable for cameras connection × 3 pcs.
  • SD memory card (4 GB)
  • Adhesive tape
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Embedded GPS
  • Yes
Number of Cameras
  • 4
  • No
Maximum resolution
  • 720 × 480
Mounting type
  • Not swivable
Built-in battery
  • No
  • 12/24 V

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