Rear View Camera Connection. Part 1


First of all – why do you need a rear view camera? This device provides you with the accurate information about what is happening behind your car. In simple words you see everything and can easily, comfortably and, what's most important, safely park your car even in the night time. You've got much wider field of view than from the rear view mirror or side mirror. And the main point is that the blind area almost disappears. With the rear view camera you may not worry about scraping another car, curbs or hitting the dowel bar sticking up from the ground.

To put it in a nutshell, rear view camera is a tiny, not expensive but extremely useful parking assistant. However, very little amount of cars are equipped with the OEM reverse camera, even if they are equipped with the OEM monitor. What can you do? It's simple. Just buy the aftermarket backup camera and connect it to your OEM monitor. ☺ It's not sarcasm how it may seem at the first sight. Though you will definitely need additional devices for connection.

Types of Cameras Connection to the OEM Display

In most cases you will need a video interface to connect the aftermarket rear view camera to the OEM car monitor. It's perfect if you also want to connect aftermarket navigation, aftermarket video sources (for example, HD/DVD, Android box , TV receiver) or everything at once. More information about video interfaces, please read in our article. Soon we will also describe in details how to connect the rear view camera (how, where to put wires, where to take the ground from, etc.).

However, if you want to connect only the reverse camera, the video interface will be and additional expense, though it's the only remedy in some cases. But we also have solutions for that:

  • Adapters for camera connection. These are mainly the same video interfaces but with limited functions. However, there can be adapters designed only for cameras connection. Averagely the adapter is twice cheaper than the video interface.
  • Cables for camera connection. Our engineers have developed cables (more to come), using which you can connect an aftermarket rear view camera to an OEM monitor without a video interface. Moreover, there is no need to interfere in the car wires, so the chance of damaging them is minimized.

Since we have already written about the video interfaces (if you haven't read yet, we strongly recommend), today we will dwell upon the adapters and cables from our online store.

Cables for Reverse Cameras Connection

Let's start from the cables, as they are an in-house solution of Car Solutions engineers. For the time being we offer rear view camera connection cables for Toyota, Lexus, Mazda, Subaru, Renault, Peugeot, Nissan, Opel, Scion, Dacia.

Cables to connect reverse cameras to stock monitors

Video Reviews of the Camera Connection Cables

Adapters for Rear View Camera Connection

Adapter Functions Compatibility Video
Car Monitor
Adapter for Volkswagen
  • Aftermarket camera connection
  • The connected camera image activation when reversing
  • OEM parktronic functions preservation (if available)
  • VW
  • RCD 510
  • RNS 310
  • RNS 315
  • RNS 510
  • Skoda
    Adapter for Mercedes-Benz W205
  • Rear view camera connection
  • Video devices connection
  • Dynamic parking guidelines
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • NTG 5.0
  • Adapter for Audi
  • Rear view camera connection
  • Video devices connection
  • Dynamic parking guidelines
  • Audi
  • MMI 3G

  • We would like to attract your attention to one more adapter which stands out. This device, vice versa, allows you to connect the OEM camera to the aftermarket display. This adapter is necessary if you want to connect the OEM reverse camera to the aftermarket monitor after replacing the OEM monitor.

    Adapter Functions Compatibility Video
    Car Monitor
    Adapter for Volkswagen
  • Connection of OEM camera to the aftermarket monitor
  • Volkswagen

    By the way, according to the requirements of the government, all new cars and light trucks sold in the USA should be equipped with the rear view camera by May 2018. This regulation is intended to prevent the drivers from hitting the pedestrians (especially, small children). The statistics shows that backover accidents happen rather often. A lot of drivers are already installing the rear view cameras in their cars in response to safety demands. Be one of them!

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