Customs Regulations (Brazil)

Bellow you will find general information from your country’s Customs. Please read these rules and regulations carefully.

Shipments that require RETURN TO SHIPPER must be arranged by consignee. Customs will not allow shippers to authorize return.

All shipments to Brazil must clear Customs and are subject to duties & taxes regardless of commodity, shipper, consignee, value or if being returned to shipper.

All shipments with a declared value over 3000 USD must be shipped as formal entry (BSO). The shipment will be cleared as formal entry by the consignee's broker at the airport government warehouse.

Commercial shipments, regardless of value, can only enter Brazil via formal entry clearance (BSO), must be consigned to a company and require an Import Permit or entry exemption. These shipments must be cleared by the consignee or consignee's broker.

All shipments destined to companies must have the name of the person/ individual responsible for receiving the shipment within the company in the appropriate field on the AWB.

All non-document shipments to Brazil require the consignee's Tax Identification Number (CNPJ for companies, CPF, for individuals). If the consignee is a foreign visitor, the Passport Number will be required. Shipments without this information clearly written on the AWB in the "Recipient's Tax ID Number for Customs Purposes" will experience clearance delays.

Shipments sent between the "Mercosul" countries of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay must include the International Air Waybill, Certificate of Origin and Commercial Invoice.

Shipments to Universities, Foundations, consulates, or other government agencies are tax free if shipped IPBSO. If not, duty/tax may apply.

All of the information provided is believed to be accurate and reliable; however, we assume no responsibility for any errors. Further, the information can be changed or updated at any time by Customs. For more detailed information please contact your country's customs officials or visit a website of Customs and Border Protection.

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