Customs Regulations (Chile)

Bellow you will find general information from your country’s Customs. Please read these rules and regulations carefully.

Chilean customs will apply seizure to any shipment without declared value and/or wrong description of goods (not description, "not given" "samples" and so on).

All non-document shipments require an original commercial invoice with AWB number, an itemized list of contents, true FOB value and be signed or stamped by the shipper. If from a company, the commercial invoice must be on company letterhead. Consignee's tax ID number or the Rol Unico Tributario (RUT Tax ID) numbers must be listed on the AWB and Commercial Invoice. If either number is not listed, delays may occur. A passport number is acceptable for non-Chilean residents. The Commercial Invoice must include a separate line item showing the transportation charges, Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) for duty/tax purposes.

A minimum value of 1 USD must be on all non-document shipments.

A Processing fee will be charged for the reception and handling of shipments with a FOB value 30.00 USD and over.

Any re-print of BSO Customs documents requested by the customer will be subject to additional fees.

All Non-Doc shipments to Chile must clear customs and are subject to Duties/Taxes payment.

All shipments over 1000 USD must be cleared through customs by the consignee's broker.

All of the information provided is believed to be accurate and reliable; however, we assume no responsibility for any errors. Further, the information can be changed or updated at any time by Customs. For more detailed information please contact your country's customs officials or visit a website of Customs and Border Protection.

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