Connect a Camera and Add New Features with One Solution!


Simple camera connection with adapters from Car Solutions!

Connect a Camera and Add New Features with One Solution!

We can all agree that having a front view or a rear view camera (or both) in your car helps you tremendously. You no longer have to worry that there's something in front of the car that you'll run over because you couldn't see it. Maneuvering on narrows streets or on busy parking lots is a lot easier while parking itself becomes a piece of cake.

Connecting these cameras is quite simple, if you have one of our camera adapters. What's even better, there are several types to choose from, which add various additional features!

Take our RFCC adapter, for example (which is also back in stock, finally!): you can connect cameras and switch between them at any moment using your steering wheel buttons. That's an entirely different level of comfort.

Or, if you like to use your smartphone features, get a CarPlay adapter. Cameras AND CarPlay? That's got to be the best 2-in-1 offer there is.

And, obviously, you can pick a regular camera adapter if you're not looking for something fancy. Take a look at our selection and get the one that suits your needs!

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