Get a Discount in Exchange for Photo and Video


Share photo or video of car electronics installation and get additional discount on the next purchase!!!

  • + 3% for photo review
  • + 5% for video review

All you have to do:

  • Buy device in Car Solutions online store
  • Install it in your car or the car of your client
  • Make photo or video review of the process
  • Send photo / video materials to us
  • Get additional discount on the next purchase in Car Solutions online store!

Photo and video materials provided by you will be published in Photo and Video section.

CS9100 Navigation Box Installation in Acura

Requirements to Photo and Video Materials

Photo and video materials should meet the following requirements:

Observation of the Obligatory Frames Sequence:

  1. Car dashboard and steering wheel with the manufacturer logo
  2. Multimedia device the product will be connected to
  3. The product purchased in the Car Solutions online store
  4. Step-by-step process of the product installation
    • Car trimming removal
    • Multimedia device dismantling and removal
    • Opening of multimedia device (if necessary)
    • The product installation (with flat cables connection, etc.)
    • Draft product launch (i.e. with dismantled multimedia device) and general performance check
    • Installation of multimedia device back to its place
    • Placing trimming back
    • Demonstration of the multimedia device final appearance after product is installed and assembled
    • Brief performance demonstration of the multimedia device with the installed product

High quality of provided materials

  • Photo resolution not less than 1024 px × 768 px
  • Video resolution not less than 640 px × 480 px
  • Sound accompaniment of the video clip is not obligatory

Send your photos and video clips to the address with the note "Photo / video for discount". Our managers will contact you.

Note! Discounts will not be given for photo and video materials not complying with the mentioned requirements!

* Car Solutions reserves the right to use provided photo and video materials at its own discretion not disclosing confidential data.

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