New Arrivals from Dension in our Online Store!


New four Dension products have been introduced to Car Video Interfaces and iPod / iPhone / USB Adapters category:

Dension ice>Link One FM transmitter is a universal solution to connect iPod or MP3 player to any car! This product is necessary if no compatible CD changer port or Line-in is available in the receiver. Dension FM transmitter allows listening to music from iPod or MP3 player via your car stereo system. It transforms the audio signal into a standard stereo FM radio signal and transmits it to car FM receiver. The device is activated automatically when ignition turns on and is charged when the car radio is switched on. When the car radio turns off, audio playback from iPod will be paused and after 2-5 minutes it will be switched off automatically.

Dension ice>Link One FM transmitter suits virtually any car with FM receiver. If you use iPhone 3G / 4G you will additionally need Dension IPB0DIN iPod / iPhone power booster with 4 Pin connector .

This Dension power booster is designed to increase the power (up to 1A) supplied by car iPod/ iPhone adapter.

One more iPod / iPhone car active cradle (IP44CR9) has been introduced to Accessories for Dension iPod / USB adapters category.

This iPod / iPhone active cradle is designed for convenient and safe iPod / iPhone mounting and charging in the car.

Pod / iPhone 3G Car Active Cradle Dension IP44CR9

Dension IP44CR9 active cradle is designed for usage with Dension Gateway 100 / 300 / Five / Lite / Blue car iPod/iPhone adapters. The package includes inserts for easy fixation of various iPod / iPhone models.

We would also like to draw your attention to new iPod / iPhone dock cable.

9-Pin iPod/ iPhone Dock Cable Kit Dension (IPO5DC9)

Dension 9-Pin iPod/ iPhone dock cable (IPO5DC9) allows iPod/iPhone charging and synchronization (for some models you may need additional power booster depending on the Dension adapter). This dock cable is designed for usage with Dension GW 100 / 300 / 500, GW Lite, GW Blue, GW Five adapters.

Find more detailed information on the product pages in Dension car iPod / USB Adapters and Accessories for Dension iPod / iPhone Adapters categories.

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